The National Business Excellence Award (NATBEA AWARDS) is for Nigerians, friends of Nigeria and the Business Communities of Nigeria and the selected European countries where the Forum will be held.

The Award is for Men, Women, Organizations, and Companies that have in their own unique way made impact in their respective fields and countries.

The List of Awards

  1. Outstanding Person of the Year
  2. Outstanding Traded and International of the Year
  3. National Icon of the Year
  4. Eminent Person of the Year
  5. Most stylish person of the Year
  6. Couple of the Year
  7. Humanitarian Person of the Year
  8. CEO of the Year
  9. Sport Personality of the Year
  10. Entertainment Personality of the Year
  11. Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year
  12. The Legend of the Business World
  13. Friend of Nigeria Medals Awards
  14. Bilateral Business of the Year
  15. Most Investment Friendly State of the Year
  16. The Most Trade Friendly State of the Year
  17. Investment and Trade Friendly Governor of the Year
  18. Entrepreneurial Law Maker of the Year
  19. The Most Elegant Personality of the Year
  20. Role model Legend of Sixties Award
  21. A woman of uncommon strong character award
  22. The Nigerian company of the year
  23. The Outstanding Business Personality of the Year
  24. The Outstanding Media House of the Year
  25. The Outstanding Minister of the Year
  26. Outstanding Ambassador of the Year
  27. Most Outstanding Investor of the Year
  28. Most Outstanding Nigerian in Diaspora
  29. The Outstanding Industrialist of the Year
  30. Outstanding Multi National Organization of the Year
  31. Most Friendly European Country of the Year